INDEX+Co rebranded to Manico Me

May 07, 2024

INDEX+Co rebranded to Manico Me

For nearly a decade, we proudly operated under the brand INDEX+Co. Originally known as Industrial Expression, under new ownership our company transitioned into INDEX and Co, emerging as a leading provider of handle hardware in Australia. We achieved this through refining the detail and finish on each and every product, as well as creating beautiful new handle products along the way.

As our journey progressed, we recognised the need for a name that precisely mirrored our focus. Our quest led us to explore countless options until we encountered 'manico,' an Italian term for handle. Pairing it with 'me,' we found the ideal synergy, symbolising the act of handling our products daily.

At Manico Me, our handles embody not just visual appeal, but also tactile delight. Recognising that handles are touched every day, we prioritise the feel as much as the appearance. Our name, Manico Me, encourages you not only to admire our handles but to relish the experience of using them in your daily routines.

You'll find the discreet Manico Me emblem proudly adorning our products, signifying an assurance of quality and a genuine Manico Me experience. So, we invite you to incorporate our entry door pulls and joinery handles into your interior design projects—to see, touch, and feel the joyful difference every single day.

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