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We consider every aspect of our handles with care... Especially given how often you touch, feel and use handles every single day.

At Manico Me, we take great care when crafting our products. Below is how to continue to care for your Manico Me products.

Handles With Care... We choose all of our materials and finishes based on how they are produced, how they last, how they look and importantly for handles ... how they feel.

Knowing the material source is just as important to us as the ability to recycle materials post use, therefore we strive for our products to be sustainable whenever possible.


Incredibly durable and also recyclable, stainless steel is a beautiful material to work with. Great strength and variable finishes allow for this material to shine bright complimenting any structure both indoors and out.

Care Guide - Stainless Steel

Stainless steel should be cleaned regularly with mild soapy water to remove any surface particles and to prevent surface rust. Only non-scratch sponges should be used for washing and drying. Stainless steel protectors are also available to prolong your cleaned surface (see your individual cleaner/protector guides). Please contact us directly should you have any queries.


Premium powders are used to produce our painted powder coat products. Our standard colours are curated and created to give not only a beautiful appearance but also have a lengthy lifespan, to maintain their appearance for years to come.

Care Guide - Powder Coating

Our powder coated products although very durable need to still be cared for. To ensure the ongoing appearance of Manico Me products, use a mild detergent with soft cloth and dry with a soft cloth following cleaning. Avoid alcohol based, acidic, and abrasive cleaning products


We use high quality solid American Oak in all of our standard products. All timber in our products is sourced from sustainably managed forests. Timber and the applied non yellowing clear coat (with UV inhibitors) will change colour with UV light over time, so avoid placing timber products in direct sunlight to prolong the appearance of your timber products.

Care Guide - Timber

Timber is a natural beauty which should not be taken for granted, both pre and post processing, so care for this material is important. Manico Me products have a matte clear polyurethane finish to bring out the grain of the oak. Clean regularly using a soft non-scratch cloth with mild soapy water and dry immediately after with a soft non-scratch cloth. Timber surfaces can be refinished over time by qualified professionals.


Gloriously gold in colour, brass has the ability to change colour over time with a natural patina to the surface. Used for thousands of years for its natural antimicrobial properties, brass is also at the forefront of virus killing surfaces.

Care Guide - Solid Brass (Satin)

In order to maintain the appearance of your Manico Me solid brass products (such as the BOLD handle), please use a soft cloth with a mild soapy detergent and dry immediately after cleaning (also with a soft cloth). Products like Brasso, should not be used as these will affect the satin finish and result in a more polished look.


Luxurious to the touch and tempting to the eye, leather is a marvellous material to work with. Manico hand crafts its standard products with eco certified leathers from verified sources. The beauty of leather, can only be surpassed by its applied detailing and ability to gain a patina over time through use.

Care Guide - Leather

Care must be taken with leather to ensure its moisture level remains constant. Leather should be consistently maintained to ensure the longevity of appearance. Only use suitable leather cleaners/conditioners (with soft cloth applicators) and please check product instructions before applying directly to our products.


Rose gold, oil rubbed bronze, satin copper are some of the finishes we use the electroplating process for on Manico Me products. Electroplating is the process whereby metals are applied to a different substrate to adhere the desired metal finish onto the surface. These surface will change appearance over time with use. A clear oil coat is used to complete our products.

Care Guide - Electroplating

To clean Manico Me electroplated handles, simply use a mild detergent with a soft cloth. Be sure to avoid using any alcohol based cleaners, abrasives, acids and vinegars. Oil can be re applied after cleaning to maintain finish.

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