Manico Me + Mental Health

Handling Our Heads

One in five people within Australia, suffer from mental health issues in any given year.

At Manico Me, we are not only passionate about handles but also handling our heads and raising the awareness of mental health issues and avenues for a helping hand.

Mental health is an issue that affects each and every one of us either directly or indirectly, throughout our lives. Mental health and wellbeing is not only about tough times.  It's also to support ourselves consistently so that we grow personally and with awareness about techniques and tools to be able to face the tough times should they arise. 

Consideration of well being is paramount in the process of interior design.  As humans we are affected by our surroundings, so having effort placed into creating environments both in the workplace and home, that support us is incredibly important... even essential.

Organisations such as Beyond Blue do an incredible job of supporting the people of Australia and we would like to further support them through fund raising and awareness of what they do. For further information about where to get support for yourself or others please click this link for Beyond Blue.

Handling ourselves and our own heads first and foremost is key, so that we can be of benefit to others in need. 

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