Manico Me + Mental Health

Handling Our Heads

In Australia, one in five individuals grapple with mental health challenges each year. At Manico Me, our commitment extends beyond crafting exceptional handles to addressing mental health issues and fostering awareness about available support systems.

Mental health impacts everyone, either directly or indirectly, throughout their lifetime. It encompasses not only navigating difficult times but also consistently nurturing our well-being to foster personal growth and resilience. Recognising the crucial role of well-being in interior design underscores the importance of creating supportive environments, both at home and in the workplace, that promote positive mental health.

As humans, our surroundings profoundly influence our well-being, making it imperative to invest effort into designing spaces that prioritize our mental health. Organisations like Beyond Blue play a vital role in supporting Australians facing mental health challenges, and we are dedicated to furthering their cause through fundraising and raising awareness.

For those seeking support for themselves or others, we encourage you to explore the resources provided by Beyond Blue. Prioritising our own mental health enables us to better support those in need, creating a ripple effect of positive impact within our communities.

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