About Manico Me

Manico is one of the Italian words for handle.  So yes ...

handle me. This is what you do with the products we create.

The name Manico Me is new ... however behind us, we have more than two decades of dedication to fine tuning what we do and the evolution of our architectural door handle hardware.

The word 'manico' is one of the Italian words for handle and has been used in our brand name to align our name more closely with what our products are and how you use them. A personal history of growing up in the building industry for Darren Dalton (Managing Director and Product Designer), has forged a love of buildings and the items/finishes which make up the interior spaces. Always seeking to elevate the products created to speak for themselves, we as a business aim to create fully resolved handles which peacefully enhance the everyday users life. Our goal with our handle products is to create a simple, clean aesthetic which is durable both in quality and style, yet playful with colour options and shape so a 'personality' can be created by the end user. What we provide has stood the test of time, with many of our original design concepts being steadfast over the decades. We may have changed our name, but not our ethos and we are eternally committed to creating and crafting impeccable products. New designs are always just around the corner. If you can't handle the wait, talk to us about what we have in the making.

What We Do

Manico Me crafts beautiful handles in appearance, performance and touch with complete awareness that these are architectural products which you experience in many moments of movement, each and every day.

We are passionate about our daily tasks, our finished product and ultimately your enjoyment of Manico Me handles.

How we create

With a very hands on approach, we seek out inspiration through history, material, colour, shape and strive to lead the way.

Our process is pen to paper, carving out concepts both on our own but also in collaboration with other creators to establish a strong design, which engages and involves the everyday user.

New concepts, designs and colours are prototyped, worked and re worked until all items are cohesive with each other and fully resolved.

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