About Manico Me

Manico is one of the Italian words for handle.  So yes ...

handle me. This is what you do with the products we create.

The name Manico Me may be new, but our legacy spans over two decades of unwavering dedication to perfecting our craft and advancing the evolution of architectural door handle hardware..

Derived from the Italian word for handle, 'manico,' our brand name aligns closely with the essence of our products and their utility. For Darren Dalton, our Managing Director and Product Designer, a lifelong immersion in the building industry has fostered a profound appreciation for architecture and interior elements. Our passion lies in creating handles that seamlessly integrate into daily life, elevating both form and function. At Manico Me, our mission is to offer handles characterised by a timeless, minimalist aesthetic, renowned for their enduring quality and versatility. With an array of colour options and shapes, our designs encourage users to infuse their spaces with personal flair. While our name may have changed, our commitment to excellence remains steadfast. Our enduring ethos drives us to continually innovate and refine our products, ensuring they stand the test of time. Exciting new designs are always on the horizon, and we invite you to join us on this journey. If you're eager for what's next, reach out to us—we're always happy to share what's in the works.

What We Do

Manico Me crafts beautiful handles in appearance, performance and touch with complete awareness that these are architectural products which you experience in many moments of movement, each and every day.

We are passionate about our daily tasks, our finished product and ultimately your enjoyment of Manico Me handles.

How we create

With a very hands on approach, we seek out inspiration through history, material, colour, shape and strive to lead the way.

Our process is pen to paper, carving out concepts both on our own but also in collaboration with other creators to establish a strong design, which engages and involves the everyday user.

New concepts, designs and colours are prototyped, worked and re worked until all items are cohesive with each other and fully resolved.

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